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For all the advantages of doing business in the Information Age, there is a serious downside: dependence. Firms are increasingly reliant on their computing equipment; if it breaks, all operations grind to a halt. My Computer Doctors is committed to preventing these issues from arising and resolving them quickly when they do. Serving the Metro Detroit area, we ensure that local businesses have durable, reliable computer equipment for all their endeavors.

Top Rated and Microsoft-Certified Service

As PC repair experts serving Metro Detroit, the My Computer Doctors team has both MSP and Intel certifications. This leaves us well prepared to deal with a myriad of equipment issues. Perhaps more importantly, we have extensive experience serving the SE Michigan area directly. This means that we have experienced every manner of computer maintenance issue over the years, and know how to deal with all of them. From weather damage to equipment overloads to simple obsolescence, we can handle any possible computer contingency.

Highly Trusted in the Community for Reliability 

Computer Repair & IT Maintenance in Plymouth MI - My Computer Doctors - computer-repairs-repair-keyOur success in computer repairs is due in no small part to our experience dealing with the most critical hardware needs. My Computer Doctors conducts a large portion of our business with dental offices, financial services, and medical providers. Not only do these organizations have advanced, complex equipment needs, but if their computers break down, clients’ livelihoods, health and even lives will be at risk. Working with these businesses has caused us to adopt the highest standards of efficiency and quality. We then provide the same standard of service to all other customers.

Tackling Simple Fixes and Large, Complicated Situations

My Computer Doctors has dealt with the full range of computing problems. From screens that won’t turn on to batteries that won’t charge to lost or corrupted files, we have the experience and training to restore your systems to full working order. We can quickly differentiate between hardware and software problems and then develop actionable steps to get your computers working again.

How IT Issues Can Impact Your Business Operations

Never underestimate the threat that computer issues present to your company. They can:

  • Deny Crucial Data - If your computers fail, you can’t access your customer records and other important data. This can completely halt operations for many businesses.
  • Payment Problems - Given how many purchases take place digitally, computer problems can directly cut off your revenue.
  • Operational Obstacles - From accounting to customer service to inventory management, a wide variety of crucial business operations cannot go forward without computers.

You can count on My Computer Doctors to keep your computers running, allowing you to maintain full efficiency. For more information, contact us today!
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