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Crystal Clear Calls: VoIP Networking in Plymouth, Michigan  

VoIP Installation Services in Plymouth MI - My Computer Doctors - voip-setupVoiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) Keeps You Connected While Saving You Money

From the simplest Skype connection to the most elaborate company communications, VoIP technology provides a myriad of benefits to modern businesses and individuals.

Most important among these is the ability to make clear, affordable calls with ease, dramatically lowering call costs and improving efficiency. We set up VoIP phones throughout the Metro Detroit area, providing local companies with the equipment to contact customers and employees at any time.

Reliable VoIP Networking Without the Hassle

VoIP networks make calls over the Internet rather than relying on traditional telephone lines. They involve transmitting sound in the form of packets, which travel between devices in a continuous stream. VoIP has a number of advantages over traditional phone methods, including that it allows businesses to communicate over longer distances more quickly and affordably. It does, however, bring certain risks and difficulties. My Computer Doctors is committed to providing Metro Detroit businesses with all the benefits of VoIP while keeping the challenges to a minimum.

Experts in Fast VoIP Setup & Troubleshooting

With extensive experience in the Plymouth area, My Computer Doctors understands how difficult it can be to install a new communication system. We take the time to understand your business, your current equipment, and your communication protocols, tailoring the phone system to these factors. We also offer troubleshooting services 24/7, rapidly resolving any VoIP issues you have.

Helping You with Your Metro Detroit Business VoIP Issues

For all their advantages, VoIP phone systems create a number of issues. These include:

  • Low Call Quality - In certain situations, VoIP phones are susceptible to call quality problems. These include jitters, which occur when sound packets arrive out of order, making portions of the call unintelligible.
  • Bandwidth Issues - Because they rely on the Internet, VoIP networks may be slow if too many other applications are using the Internet or your total amount of bandwidth is low.
  • Security Breaches - By transmitting calls over the Internet, VoIP phones can make company information available to third parties. Weak security can stem from a variety of different sources, meaning you must consult a security expert before using your network to share sensitive data.

Through in-depth troubleshooting and consulting, My Computer Doctors keeps these and all other VoIP issues at bay. Our goal is to ensure that all organizations can make secure, crisp calls.

MCARE — Helping You with Managed IT Services

My Computer Doctors provides managed services for a wide range of functions, including but not limited to VoIP. Through our MCARE program, we tailor network management to your unique needs. We provide predictable costs, airtight security and a support team that is always available to take your calls and answer your questions.

For more information on VoIP, managed services and other IT functions - contact My Computer Doctors today. Call: (734) 212-2337.
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